Commas with City and State

The Rules:

Comma goes on both sides of the state when you have the city listed as well.


The weather in Wellsville, Utah, has been weird this year.

  • Comma on both sides since the city is included.

I used to live in Gilbert, Arizona.

  • Only one comma since the state is the last word of the sentence.

I grew up in Orem.

  • No comma since the state isn’t listed.

The editing conference in Alexandria, Virginia, is coming up in one month.

  • Comma on both sides since the city is included.

I planned my moves for the wrong time of year as I moved to Tolleson, Arizona, in the summer of 2009, then moved to Wellsville, Utah, in the winter of 2019.

  •   Comma surrounds both states in the sentence.


  1. I want to visit San Antonio Texas in a few years.
  2. My best friend lives in Gilbert Arizona so is no longer near me.
  3. I started college in Rexburg in 2003.
  4. I traveled from Chicago Illinois to New York City New York.
  5. They have really developed St. George Utah since my mom moved to Orem.
  6. I enjoy visiting Nantucket Massachusetts.

Answers :

  1.  I want to visit San Antonio, Texas, in a few years.
  2. My best friend lives in Gilbert, Arizona, so is no longer near me.
  3. I started college in Rexburg in 2003. (no comma since state isn’t listed)
  4. I traveled from Chicago, Illinois, to New York City, New York.
  5. They have really developed St. George, Utah, since my mom moved to Orem.
  6.  I enjoy visiting Nantucket, Massachusetts.


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