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As the writer of any type of content, you have done the hard work. So first, congratulations! You did it! Now, you need a guide to help smooth out any potential issues.

I act as that guide—a beacon—building a trusting partnership with you through kindly worded queries, astute suggestions, and changes that preserve your voice.

Instead of paying for multiple editors, you can hire me for multiple editing needs in one package deal, saving you time and money. My package deal includes several passes so I can address big-picture issues while also focusing in on every detail.

My credentials

  • Completed professional editing courses (see course list)

  • Recognized as the top preferred editor for SPS within 4 months editing for their clients

  • Received a glowing recommendation from my nonfiction and fiction developmental editing teacher: she had never met anyone who picked up the art of developmental editing as quickly as I did

  • Edited over 200 books, 6 websites, 8 business documents, 37 resumes and cover letters, 48 biographies, and 5 personal statements

  • 7 years' editing experience

  • Earned my bachelor's in English education with honors

Editing services I offer

  • Copyediting: fixing errors with grammar, usage, spelling, and punctuation; suggesting changes to sentence structure and word choice, ensuring your language is clear, fluid, and pleasurable to read; and ensuring consistency.

  • *My copyediting service includes what some call line or stylistic editing.

  • Substantive editing/developmental editing: suggesting and making changes to content and organization—ensuring clear, coherent delivery. With fiction this means looking at plot, characters, setting, pacing, and point of view.

Clients I work with

Each client page contains my rates, portfolio, contact form, and testimonials specific to that type of client.

  • Fiction Authors: YA fantasy, supernatural; YA and adult dystopian, mystery, thriller; middle grade; picture books; and chapter books

  • Nonfiction Authors: self-help, business, how-to, memoirs, and religious guide books.

  • Business Professionals: website content, business marketing documents, and self-marketing documents (resumes, cover letters, biographies, and personal statements)

Want to learn more about my rates and services and discuss a partnership?

Just go to the individual client page, and then when you are ready to discuss a partnership, click the button on that page to fill out the form.


Featured Review from Nicholas Boothman, a New York Times Bestselling Author:

5 Stars! A great book is two hands clapping. One is the writer; the other the editor. I have worked with a lot of top editors over the years and while they all have talent the majority live in a world of their own timing – they are not reliable. So while there may well be two hands clapping they don’t clap at the same time which leads the writer into realms of frustration. Waiting, wondering and worrying.
Not so with Katie Chambers. She is an excellent substantive editor and is prompt and reliable. A pleasure and a relief to work with.
That being said the bottom line with any review is would you work with this person again? And the answer is a definite yes. And I will recommend her to my fellow authors and speakers. Thanks Katie.

I highly recommend Katie Chambers with her editing skills. I sent my book off to Katie and she returned it using my words in a improved way. I will continue to use Katie because she is thorough, and to the point. She worked on my manuscript in a very timely manner and our communication with each other was answered promptly.

Victoria Smith
picture book

My mom and I worked together to write her Amish memoir and we really needed an editor who would both have cultural sensitivity and help us provide clarity for the reader. Katie excelled, helping us tie up loose ends and providing suggestions that made this book so much better. Thank God for Katie! We’re so grateful that we chose to work with her.

Meg Delagrange

Working with Katie was a fantastic experience for me, as I was writing my first book and had a non-literary background. Katie really improved my writing where it was a bit wordy and gave several useful suggestions of placement of material. Furthermore, her questions about the text brought up places where it could be improved. This made her a really great content and copy editor. On deadlines and communication, I felt all of it was smooth and reliable. I recommend Katie very highly and would not hesitate to use her services again!

Sonia Weyers
self-help book

Katie is top-notch! She has an eye for detail, but also has the ability to zoom out and see edits on a big picture / content level. Efficient, professional, and full of insight! I’ll definitely be collaborating with Katie in the future.

Omer Redden
self-help book

I decided to self-publish a book after co-authoring two editions of a popular medical textbook through a large publishing company. I was looking for an editor and heard about Katie through a fellow author. I interviewed several but Katie stood out with her professionalism, responsiveness, and clear communication. I made the leap and hired her for substantive editing and copyediting. I’m a perfectionist and who went through several rounds of my manuscript before sending it off to Katie. You know you have a fantastic editor when they can take your best work and make it exponentially better. That’s exactly what Katie did as she sculpted my manuscript and refined it into a masterpiece.

Of course, I might be biased, so here’s a message from my proofreader shortly after getting started on the manuscript:

“Just wanted to let you know that I’ve started proofreading your manuscript, and I think it will be a fairly quick project for me. It’s very well-written, and I’m finding hardly any errors, so that makes my job a lot easier.”

I highly recommend Katie and I’ll be asking her to be my editor for my next book.

Jonathan Su
self-help book

This was our first time writing a book and we really had no idea what to expect. Katie was very patient helping us through this process. She has great skill, objective edits, and we highly recommend her. Our book is infinitely better after retaining her services and we will definitely be in touch for any future projects.
Thank you for everything Katie.

Colin Leis & Erika Holenski
how-to book

Katie was great to work with for this project. She is knowledgeable and gave great feedback. We communicated clearly and easily with one another. I would definitely work with Katie again.

Jaime Grodberg
self-help book

Katie is a highly organized professional who provided insight and suggestions to improve my writing. She guided me through the editing process and thoughtfully considered not only grammar and organization but also the flow and intent of the book itself. She took my project as seriously as I did and paid attention to every detail. I would work with her again in a heartbeat and won’t hesitate to recommend her.

Dr. Ed Foresman
how-to book

Katie did an excellent job with my book. Several times I was in a rush to accomplish a task and was having difficulty with an aspect of my book and Katie graciously walked me through it. Overall, she was a pleasure to interact with and I’m very satisfied with my results and my decision to go with her services.

Karen Iverson

Working with Katie was definitely worth it. She helped me clean up my manuscript and gave great tips to improve the content, which resulted in a book I feel way more confident about. She was also very understanding of my author newbie position and respected my emotions. Thank you for everything.

Winnie Carmo
business book

Katie was awesome to work with. She is a highly skilled and talented editor. She helped me know how I could change and reorganize my manuscript to improve it greatly. I know I had a lot of repetition and possible inconsistencies after going through so many drafts. I feel confident now that it’s been through editing with Katie. I would recommend getting both a developmental edit and copy edit from her. She is also very professional and communicative before, after, and throughout the editing process.

Christy Piper
self-help book

Katie was straightforward to work with. She did everything she said she would within the timeframe defined and at an excellent level of quality. She raised my writing to the next level and taught me new storytelling tips through her comments and suggestions. I am very satisfied with her skills and services, and I will definitely use Beacon Point for future editing projects. I highly recommend her.

Kevin Skellett
Self-help book

An editor from my previous book recommended Katie due to my change in the genre of this project to a children’s book series. I was very impressed with the initial sample I sent her, but it did prepare me for the end product. Katie is AMAZING! She is professional, punctual, and very skilled at her profession. She gave me so many writing pointers and changed the entire structure at times and it made my book so much better. This is my first fiction book and she has helped me to grow and become a better author through this process. I cannot thank her enough for sharing her skills. She is also super affordable and approachable. I just can say enough about her.

Amanda Zeine
chapter book

Working with Katie was a totally positive experience. She met all deadlines and was readily available anytime I had a question. Her editing helped polish my writing, making passages more clear and concise when necessary. Most importantly, her editing helped make my book flow more consistently and be more fun to read. I definitely recommend Beacon Point! E. Oetinger author of Signs of Hope—Recognizing Messages From the Afterlife

Ellen Oetinger
religious guide book

Katie was easy to work with. She honored our agreed upon deadlines and made adjustments as needed. Her comments and edits helped me clarify the content of the manuscript and ultimately made it a better book. Katie revised my biographical information and provided three different versions of various lengths. She wrote the book description which went through several review cycles before providing three different version of various lengths. l’ll gladly work with her again and am happy to recommend her services to others.

Pam Northrup
religious guide book

I used Katie for content editing/writing on my upcoming book. This is the first time I’ve used a content editor/writer. I was apprehensive at first, but now I can’t imagine every writing without Katie’s input ever again. Her recommended edits were spot-on, adding to the cohesiveness and strength of my book and pulling me out of the myopic trench that I tend get myself into when I write. Wow! I can’t say enough positive about this experience. I can’t wait to work with her again on my next book. Thanks Katie.

Dr. Brian Brown
self-help book

Katie was a professional. It was an honor to work with Katie. We work hand in hand and she offer great advice and suggestions without taking away from my style and or vision. She was on point and true to her delivery time. I definitely recommend Katie’s services.

Eileen Silverberg
how-to book

Katie is an excellent editor. I was impressed that she took the time to really understand the topic of my book and my targeted audience. Her suggestions were great, and her attention to detail was impressive. I highly recommend her services!

Nirosha R.
self-help book

Katie did a brilliant job of taking a rookie writer through the editing process. I’ll be collaborating with her on any books, etc that I write. She is a valuable partner in the process.

Bill Gilliland
business book

The difference between the manuscript I handed to Katie and the one she handed back after she was done was night and day. I’d be ashamed to give away the raw manuscript for free. Now I’ve got a book worth reading and something I’m proud to put my name on.

Katie is a professional and you can see it in her work. She’s incredible at not only finding errors in grammar and punctuation but her ability to find holes in the plot, character development, and the overall flow of a fictional work (all while maintaining the voice of the author) is where she really shines.

She is a find a problem – provide a solution type of person that makes the editing process painless and stress-free.

With Katie to pick up where I fall short, I can fully focus on what I do best: writing.

Cody Smith
adult mystery novel

I love working with Katie. She is a great editor and critic. She took the time to really improve my book and make it the best it could be. Will definitely use Katie on my future projects!!!

self-help book

Katie was super-professional to work with. She established expectations upfront and always met them. This was my first experience in writing a book and I, therefore, learned a lot from her. She is patient but also very disciplined. When we were finished with the editing process I was absolutely tickled it read so well. I kept asking myself if this was really my book?!

Dennis Drent
business book

Beacon Point’s editing service is amazing!!! Our workbook went from good to great after being in the hands of Katie. We contracted Beacon Point for their combine editing package: substantive and copyediting. Not only are they quick to respond to your inquiries, they are also quick with completing their contracted work and doing it all with a level of excellence that is unmatched. We are totally impressed and well pleased with the services we received on our book Embracing Genesis: A Guide to Move You from Vision to Reality. We highly recommend you utilize them for your editing needs!

Davina Coleman & Koren Pope
how-to book

A great book is two hands clapping. One is the writer; the other the editor. I have worked with a lot of top editors over the years and while they all have talent, the majority live in a world of their own timing – they are not reliable. So while there may well be two hands clapping they don’t clap at the same time which leads the writer into realms of frustration. Waiting, wondering and worrying.
Not so with Katie Chambers. She is an excellent substantive editor and is prompt and reliable. A pleasure and a relief to work with.
That being said the bottom line with any review is would you work with this person again? And the answer is a definite yes. And I will recommend her to my fellow authors and speakers. Thanks Katie.

Nicholas Boothman
New York Times Best-Selling Author

Katie Chambers is a delight to work with. She is prompt, efficient, incredibly knowledgeable and very good at what she does, editing. She has edited my three children’s picture books and lifted them each to a higher level of writing. One of the picture books is a rhyming poem that was actually quite difficult to punctuate and phrase. Katie made sense of it all so I am now confident the poem reads as it was intended to read, and correctly relays when the narrator is thinking or speaking out loud.

A real plus about my experience working with Katie, is that she gives corrections and feedback professionally and matter of factly. I never once felt judged or diminished in the slightest way. She continually made me feel we were a team and from this positive experience, I have had every opportunity to grow as a writer.

Another real plus about working with Katie, is the confidence and peace of mind I now have about my books when they publish. I know I have a quality product that is professionally edited that will stand the test of time. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Katie as a professional editor to anyone. I will always send my work to her for her critical expertise. My book venture absolutely depends on it. Thanks Katie!

Catherine Russell
picture book

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  • Substantive Editing: Untangling the Weeds


  • Developmental (Substantive) Editing of Nonfiction
  • Developmental (Substantive) Editing of Fiction, Three-part Series: Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced
  • Copyediting Fiction
  • Copyediting Intermediate
  • Introduction to Children’s Literature
  • Book Mapping for Developmental Editors
  • Line Editing for Fiction and Creative Nonfiction


  • Copyediting Fiction
  • Editing for the Web


  • Fiction Copyediting and Line Editing (Jennifer Lawler)
  • Using Sentence-Level Clues to Diagnose Developmental Issues in Fiction (Jennifer Lawler)

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