• Clear Systems & Processes: Seamless Financial Management

    Bookkeeping and filing taxes don’t need to be stressful. Create clear systems and processes and you’ll feel on top of your finances in no time.

    No stuffing receipts or invoices into a drawer or digital file. Instead create your repeatable processes and stick to them.

    Published On: 06/26/202410.1 min read
  • Crushing Your Editorial Business with Email Templates

    Email templates can save you a lot of time spent emailing so learn how to create them and what templates you may want to create for your editorial business. This blog also contains free email templates for you to download and modify.

    Published On: 04/24/202412.6 min read
  • Crushing Your Editorial Business with Checklists

    Editing is a cognitively demanding skill, and with so much to think about, it is easy to overlook tasks to do and edits to look for. Checklists keep you organized and on track. Learn the power of checklists and how to create and use them.

    Published On: 02/29/202410.4 min read