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Through editing, writing, & learning services


You’ve got a message to share, a story to tell. And you went through the hard process of writing a manuscript. But maybe you need to learn and study the craft a bit more before you start the publication process.

I’ve got you covered. I will let you know if you’re ready or not, and if not, I can help you improve as a writer through my blogs and webinars.

Perhaps, you’re ready to start the publishing process, ready to be a beacon, shining light for others who read your words.

I want to help you get your manuscript publication ready.

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Freelance Editors

You’re amazing! Your job is so valuable and such a beacon to authors. Your commitment to them and love for the written word is truly a great legacy.

You’ve taken the time to ensure you’re a well-trained editor, but are you a well-trained business owner? Even if you are, you can always learn from others’ systems and processes.

I train editors on the administrative side of the business through courses, webinars, and free blog articles.

Then I also provide resources to help you run your business—some free, some paid.

How I Can Help You Write Your Future

Professional Editing & Writing Services

Line drawing of a laptop, pencil and sheets of paper with writing on.

Content writing

Sometimes, as a business professional, you have too much on your plate and the thought of writing your content is a bit overwhelming. I can write your website content, professional bio, business marketing documents, or book description, ensuring you can focus on the ins-and-outs of running your successful business.

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Resume/cover letter writing

Finding a job can be tough whether or not you are just entering your field, switching jobs, or switching to a new field entirely. Your resume and cover letter are essential tools to finding that job, but unfortunately, you may not have been taught how to write one.
I can write a resume and/or cover letter that helps you stand out from the crowd by highlighting your unique marketable skills.

Headshot of Katie Chambers, editor, sitting at a desk with her laptop in front of her.


You did the hard work. Writing is hard. Now you know you need an editor, but it can be nerve-wracking to hand your work over to someone else. Because I know this, I promise to be mindful of your needs and feelings while also being straight with you, guiding your work.

Depending on your needs, I work as a copy editor and substantive/developmental editor.

For authors, I edit nonfiction books, YA dystopian and fantasy novels, adult and YA thrillers and mysteries, and children’s books.

For business professionals, I edit website content, business marketing and communication documents, resumes, biographies, personal statements, and cover letters.

Professional Learning Services

Katie Chambers standing and presenting to an audience, she has a screen with resources on which she's pointing at.

Presentations, workshops, & webinars

Training is an important part of any editorial organization, writers group, or self-publishing education-based company, and while you may have an easy time finding presenters, the attendees may have a hard time focusing if the presentation is dry. As a trained public speaker and a theatre geek, I know how to both inform and engage the audience. Then during the Q&A, I thoroughly answer all questions.

I give presentations, workshops, and webinars on a variety of topics for editors and writers.

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Online courses

Sometimes you need a little more catered feedback and extended learning on a given topic. Check out my in-depth courses. I offer online courses for editors and writers.

All of my courses come with one-on-one feedback on any of the optional assignments throughout.

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Blog & YouTube tutorials

Let’s be real. You don’t always have the time and money for a full course, and you just want to learn more about one narrowed topic. I’ve got you covered.

Check out my free blog containing tips for fiction writing, nonfiction writing, grammar and punctuation, resume writing, working with an editor, self-editing, and self-publishing.

Headshot of Katie Chambers, who is looking at the camera and smiling.

Katie Chambers

Beacon Point Can Help

Just as a lighthouse guides ships, helping them navigate the difficult shores, Beacon Point will guide you—helping you navigate the difficulties of writing and running your editorial business.

No matter which service you use, you will walk away with a brighter future.

Want to read my story?


Katie did an excellent job with my book. Several times I was in a rush to accomplish a task and was having difficulty with an aspect of my book and Katie graciously walked me through it. Overall, she was a pleasure to interact with and I’m very satisfied with my results and my decision to go with her services.

Karen Iverson, Memoir

The difference between the manuscript I handed to Katie and the one she handed back after she was done was night and day. I’d be ashamed to give away the raw manuscript for free. Now I’ve got a book worth reading and something I’m proud to put my name on.

Katie is a professional and you can see it in her work. She’s incredible at not only finding errors in grammar and punctuation but her ability to find holes in the plot, character development, and the overall flow of a fictional work (all while maintaining the voice of the author) is where she really shines.

She is a find a problem – provide a solution type of person that makes the editing process painless and stress-free.

With Katie to pick up where I fall short, I can fully focus on what I do best: writing.

Cody Smith, Adult Mystery Novel

Katie is awesome! She helped me re-write my resume and cover letter. She talked me through it the entire time. I can see how this new resume and cover letter will get me noticed with potential employers.

Michelle Hamner, Resume & Cover Letter

Katie is an AMAZING editor and creator! She did outstanding work on handouts for my book, author bio, and book description. Katie gave my work life and she did so with true professionalism and incredible speed. Someone I would hire again and again!

Ken Cheadle, Author bio & book description

Katie helped me in a very crucial moment of my book production. I was in the middle of editing with another editor when they stated book was ready. I felt it needed more. When I first communicated how I felt with Katie she was very understanding. She patiently explained her process and asked questions that I was not asked before. Being a first time author there are lots of things one can miss. I felt that she picked up the pieces of where I was at and she patiently helped in molding my manuscript. Also I was at times stuck in knowing what I wanted to say but having a hard time using the right words. She also patiently helped me overcome these obstacles without taking away my voice but rather helping me clarify. I am so happy with her service on so many levels! Highly, highly recommend her.

Neal Linares, Memoir

Katie managed to complete her job way before the deadline. She’s a very talented writer. I will definitely hire her again!

Marzy, Personal Statement

Beacon Point’s editing service is amazing!!! Our workbook went from good to great after being in the hands of Katie. We contracted Beacon Point for their combine editing package: substantive and copyediting. Not only are they quick to respond to your inquiries, they are also quick with completing their contracted work and doing it all with a level of excellence that is unmatched. We are totally impressed and well pleased with the services we received on our book Embracing Genesis: A Guide to Move You from Vision to Reality. We highly recommend you utilize them for your editing needs!

Davina Coleman & Koren Pope, How-To Book

Katie is a tech-savvy, polished presenter. I was only able to make it to one of her sessions, but I immediately wished I had been at the others. She was thorough and provided a ton of resources. Her physical handouts were relevant (and not redundant, as can sometimes be the case!) The information in her slides was also dynamic and presented well—she wasn’t just reading stuff the audience could themselves read. It was evident that she was prepared and that she cared about the topic. She was also thoughtful in answering questions at the end. Sign me up for the next one!

Amy Carbo, Client Interactions & Management Presentation

Katie was great to work with! She was fast, efficient and easy to communicate with. Her editing was very professional and her comments were very specific so that I never had to wonder why she made a change or what she felt was missing. I would definitely recommend her editing and will be contacting her for editing again with any and all editing work I need done in the future.

Katelyn Davis, Picture Book

Katie ran an amazing workshop on revamping websites. Not only was she giving critical information, but she also helped apply her teachings as she assisted and critiqued each person around the room. Her upbeat attitude kept my excitement going the entire time, even during the stretches of individual work. Katie certainly knows what she’s talking about, and her help and guidance were invaluable to my website.

Jeanette Smith, Revamping Website Workshop

Katie provided a very helpful overview of how she manages her client relations. She described her process very effectively and gave the audience the resources they need to get them started on managing their own client relations. This presentation was well worth the time!

Leah Boyer, Client Interactions & Management Presentation

Working with Katie was a fantastic experience for me, as I was writing my first book and had a non-literary background. Katie really improved my writing where it was a bit wordy and gave several useful suggestions of placement of material. Furthermore, her questions about the text brought up places where it could be improved. This made her a really great content and copy editor. On deadlines and communication, I felt all of it was smooth and reliable. I recommend Katie very highly and would not hesitate to use her services again!

Sonia Weyers, Self-Help Book