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As the writer of any type of content, you have done the hard work. So first, congratulations! You did it! Now, you need a guide, a trusted adviser, to help smooth out any potential issues.

I act as that guide—a beacon—building a trusting partnership with you through kindly worded queries, astute suggestions, and changes that preserve your voice.

Instead of paying for multiple editors, you can hire me for your substantive editing and copyediting needs in one packaged deal, saving you time and money. My package deal includes several editorial rounds so I can focus in on every detail while also addressing big-picture issues.

My credentials

  • Completed professional editing courses (see course list)

  • Edited over 50 books, 6 websites, 7 business documents, 20 resumes and cover letters, 8 biographies, 4 personal statements, and numerous academic essays.

  • Member of Editorial Freelance Association

  • Earned my bachelor's in English education

  • Graded copious amounts of student essays during my eight-year teaching career

Editing services I offer

  • Copyediting: fixing errors with grammar, usage, spelling, and punctuation; suggesting changes to sentence structure and word choice, ensuring your language is clear, fluid, and pleasurable to read; and ensuring consistency.

  • *My copyediting service includes what some call line or stylistic editing as well.

  • Substantive editing (also known as developmental): suggesting and making changes to content and organization—ensuring clear, coherent delivery. With fiction this means looking at plot, characters, setting, pacing, and point of view.

Clients I work with

Each individual client page contains my rates, portfolio, contact form, and reviews.

  • Fiction Authors: Specialize in YA dystopian & fantasy and children's books

  • Nonfiction Authors: Specialize in self-help books, but work with other nonfiction books.

  • Business Professionals: website content, business marketing documents, self-marketing documents (resumes, cover letters, biographies, and personal statements)

  • Students: academic feedback, essay writing help, and self-marketing documents

Want to learn more about my rates and services and discuss a partnership?

Just go to the individual client page, and then when you are ready to discuss a partnership, click the button on that page to fill out the form.


5 Stars

Katie, there is nothing I could tell you to improve on. You were SO easy to work with I can’t imagine working with anyone else on my future projects. Your comments and editing were absolutely on point. You were even able add content when needed with my style of writing. All in all, 5 stars!

Cody Smith Self-help book

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