Beacon Point LLC

Helping you write your future through various writing and learning services

Just as a lighthouse guides ships, helping them navigate the difficult shores, Beacon Point will guide you—helping you navigate the difficulties of writing.

No matter which service you use, you will walk away with a brighter future.

How I Can Help You Write Your Future

Learn to Write

English/Language Arts Tutoring

Writing essays and analyzing literature can be tough. These skills don’t just help you pass English, though, they transfer to many areas of your life.

If you’re in 6th grade–college, I’ll help you gain those necessary skills. Additionally, I offer tutoring in 6th or 7th grade math, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra I. In-person tutoring is limited to areas near Logan, Utah.

Online Writing Courses

Sometimes you just need help with a specific skill. You don’t need a tutor; you just need instruction on a particular sticking point.

My courses take you through a variety of writing topics from start to finish. Currently, I have a resume writing course with new courses on the way.

Essay Writing Help

If you don’t need a year-long tutor as you’re doing OK in your English class overall, but you are struggling with a particular essay or essay writing in general, I can help you through every step in the process.

I can help you write a specific essay for your high school or college classes. I will not do the writing for you, but I will guide you, in person or online, through whatever stage you are on.

Blog Tips/YouTube Tutorials

Are you just looking for some tips to brush up on your writing skills, finish writing your book, polish your essay, or self-edit your essay or novel? Peruse my blog or YouTube channel for writing tips: nonfiction and fiction writing tips, resume writing, argumentative essays, analytical essays, grammar, and more. Watch for new blogs and accompanying YouTube videos.

Professional Writing/Editing Services


You did the hard work. Writing is hard. Now you know you need an editor, but it can be nerve-wracking to hand your work over to someone else. Because I know this, I promise to be mindful of your needs and feelings while also being straight with you, guiding your work.

Depending on your needs, I work as a copy editor and substantive editor. For authors, I edit nonfiction books, YA dystopian and fantasy novels, and children’s chapter books. For business professionals, I edit website content, business marketing and communication documents, resumes, biographies, personal statements, and cover letters.

Content Writing

Sometimes, as a business professional, you have too much on your plate and the thought of writing your content is a bit overwhelming. I can write your website content, professional bio, business marketing documents, or book description, ensuring you can focus on the ins-and-outs of running your successful business.

Resume/Cover Letter Writing

Finding a job can be tough whether or not you are just entering your field, switching jobs, or switching to a new field entirely. Your resume and cover letter are essential tools to finding that job, but unfortunately, you may not have been taught how to write one.

I can write a resume and/or cover letter that helps you stand out from the crowd by highlighting your unique marketable skills.