Beacon Point

Helping you write your future through various writing and learning services

Just as a lighthouse guides seamen, helping them navigate the complex ocean, Beacon Point will guide you—helping you navigate the complexities of writing.

My name is Katie Chambers, and as a former English teacher who specialized in writing instruction, trained other English teachers, and scored in the top 3% on the English Praxis exam, I can help you learn to write better. Since everyone has different writing needs, I offer a variety of services. Let me improve your writing either through tips found on my blog, private tutoring, online video courses and tutorials, editing your content, or writing your content for you. No matter which service you use, you will walk away with a brighter future.

How I Can Help You Write Your Future

Learn to Write

English/Language Arts Tutoring

I offer one-on-one tutoring (either in person or online) to help you succeed in your English class (6th grade–college). Additionally, I offer tutoring in 6th or 7th grade math, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra I. In-person tutoring is limited to areas near Gilbert, Arizona.

Online Writing Courses

My courses take you through a variety of writing topics from start to finish. Currently, I only have my resume course published, but I will post new courses two times a year.

Essay Writing Help

Let me help you write a specific essay for your high school or college classes. We can work on deciphering and understanding the prompt, brainstorming ideas, crafting the essay, and/or editing and polishing the essay. I will not do the writing for you, but I will guide you through whatever stage you are on in person or online.

Blog Tips/YouTube Tutorials

Peruse my blog or YouTube channel to find writing tips in various categories: resume writing, argumentative essays, analytical essays, grammar, and more. I just launched my blog in October, so I don't have many posts yet. Once or twice a month, I will publish a new blog with an accompanied YouTube video.

Professional Writing Services


Depending on the needs of the author, I work both as a copy editor and a substantive (content) editor. I edit website content, fiction novels, nonfiction books, and more. As a stickler for detail and an avid reader, I can transform your writing through suggested changes and valuable reader's feedback, making your work ready for publication.

Content Writing

If you need the content written rather than edited, I can write your website content, biography, personal statement, or blog entry—depending on the topic.

Resume/Cover letter Writing

As a certified resume writer, I can help you write a resume and/or cover letter that helps you stand out from the crowd by highlighting your unique marketable skills.