Beacon Point

Helping you write your future through various writing and learning services

Just as a lighthouse guides seamen, helping them navigate the complex ocean, Beacon Point will guide you—helping you navigate the complexities of writing.

My name is Katie Chambers, and as a former English teacher who specialized in writing instruction, trained other English teachers, and scored in the top 3% on the English Praxis exam, I can help you learn to write better. No matter which service you use, you will walk away with a brighter future.

How I Can Help You Write Your Future

Learn to Write

English/Language Arts Tutoring

I offer one-on-one tutoring (in person or online) to help you succeed in your English class (6th grade–college). Additionally, I offer tutoring in 6th or 7th grade math, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra I. In-person tutoring is limited to areas near Gilbert, Arizona.

Online Writing Courses

My courses take you through a variety of writing topics from start to finish. Currently, I have a resume writing course with new courses on the way.

Essay Writing Help

Let me help you write a specific essay for your high school or college classes. I will not do the writing for you, but I will guide you through whatever stage you are on in person or online.

Blog Tips/YouTube Tutorials

Peruse my blog or YouTube channel for writing tips: resume writing, argumentative essays, analytical essays, grammar, and more. Watch for new blogs and accompanying YouTube videos.

Professional Writing/Editing Services


Depending on the needs of the author, I work as a copy and substantive editor. I edit website content, novels, nonfiction books, blogs, resumes, authors’ and business professionals’ biographies, personal statements, cover letters, and more.

Content Writing

If you need content written rather than edited, I can write your website content, biography, personal statement, or blog entry.

Resume/Cover Letter Writing

As a certified resume writer, I can write a resume and/or cover letter that helps you stand out from the crowd by highlighting your unique marketable skills.