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I applaud all your hard work spent writing a book. I know it can be nerve-wracking to have someone else critique your work, so while I will be honest, I strive to encourage you along the way, acting as a beacon guiding your editing journey.

And since stories have the ability to transform lives, you too are a beacon, sharing your story with the world. I want to ensure that nothing stands in the way of that story by helping you strengthen your characters and plot and ensuring appropriate pacing. I can help you avoid author pitfalls like head-hopping and info-dumping and reduce your errors so your readers stay connected to the story.

Let’s build a partnership to make your book the best it can be in the time allotted.

Genres I edit

I offer both copyediting and substantive (developmental) editing.

  • Young adult fantasy and dystopian
  • Children's picture books
  • Middle-Grade chapter books

  • Adult mystery/thriller books (clean content)

  • These are my favorite genres to read, and as such, I have informally studied these genres for years. Now as an editor, I have read up and studied best practices for each of these genres.

    As a mom to a toddler and baby and former 8th grade and 10th grade English teacher, I understand what teens and toddlers enjoy reading.

Resources for you

Visit my writer's resources center for articles and ebooklets focused on helping you.

My resource center offers resources in a variety of categories:

  • Working with an editor
  • Self-editing
  • Style sheets
  • Self-publishing tips
  • Fiction writing tips
  • Nonfiction writing tips
  • Grammar and punctuation help


5 Stars

The difference between the manuscript I handed to Katie and the one she handed back after she was done was night and day. I’d be ashamed to give away the raw manuscript for free. Now I’ve got a book worth reading and something I’m proud to put my name on.

Katie is a professional and you can see it in her work. She’s incredible at not only finding errors in grammar and punctuation but her ability to find holes in the plot, character development, and the overall flow of a fictional work (all while maintaining the voice of the author) is where she really shines.

She is a find a problem – provide a solution type of person that makes the editing process painless and stress-free.

With Katie to pick up where I fall short, I can fully focus on what I do best: writing.

Cody Smith Adult Fiction Book

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Rates and Services

My rates include two and a half passes.

Rates depend on the depth of editing needed. After I complete a free sample (1,300 words or less), I will determine your rate.


  • Rate: $0.015–$0.025 per word

  • Deals with word- and sentence-level issues. My copyediting service includes stylistic editing, what some call line editing.
  • Correct mechanical issues: spelling, capitalization, and punctuation
  • Correcting all errors and infelicities in grammar, syntax, and usage
  • Rewriting any wordy or awkward sentences according to best writing practices
  • Conducting light fact-checking, names, places, dates (Complete fact-checking is the responsibility of the author.)
  • Creating a style sheet to ensure consistency
  • Pointing out and offering suggestions to fix info-dumping and head-hopping
  • Pointing out and offering suggestions to fix too much telling and not enough showing


  • Rate: $0.02–$0.04 per word
  • Deals with big-picture issues. Some refer to this as developmental editing.

I offer two approaches to substantive editing: hands-on and coaching. With hands-on, I make more direct suggested changes to the text and explain the changes whereas with coaching, I leave comments explaining issues and offering suggestions for how you can fix it.

  • Ensuring it meets genre conventions and works for the intended audience
  • Pointing out plot holes and commenting on pacing issues
  • Strengthening characters: making sure they are fully developed, have clear motivations and goals, and stay consistent
  • Ensuring story has a strong, compelling core conflict
  • Removing head-hopping, unnecessary info-dumping, and point-of-view inconsistencies
  • Ensuring story doesn't rely on too much telling and suggesting ways to engage the reader through more showing


  • Rate: $0.025–$0.05 per word

  • This combines copyediting and substantive editing in one round at a discounted rate. I offer this to help meet authors' budget and deadline needs.

  • Note 1: While I strive for high quality, combining them is a lot to focus on at once. I do multiple passes and have learned how to appropriately prioritize to ensure a good quality. But you will get an even better quality if you pay for each service as a separate round.

  • Note 2: This does not include formatting, proofreading, or designing the cover. I will suggest colleagues to contact for those services.

Combined editing process

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Meet the editor

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Total to date: 6 Picture Books

Total to date: 3 Chapter Books

  • The Pantry Door
  • Jake and the Quest for the Five Stones
  • Afraid (Not published yet)

Total to date: 1 YA Fantasy

  • Kiara King and The Road to Emeraldo (Saguaro Books, not published yet)


I finished several fiction editing courses (I am continuing to take more), so I am pleased to now offer editing for YA novels.  I have edited children’s picture books, middle grade chapter books, and two adult fiction novels, and in my editing training, I edited two novels.

YA Fantasy and Dystopian novels are my favorite to read, so I am hoping to start working with this genre.

Total to date: 1 mystery novel, 1 thriller novel

  • Fletcher Boone, Motor City Episode 1 (Not published yet)
  • Death’s Nightmare (Not published yet) Beta Reading

I just recently completed several fiction editing courses, so I am pleased to now offer editing for fiction novels.  

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