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General Information

I applaud all your hard work spent writing a book. I know it can be nerve-wracking to have someone else critique your work, so while I will be honest, I strive to encourage you along the way, acting as a beacon guiding your editing journey.

And since stories have the ability to transform lives, you too are a beacon, sharing your story with the world. I want to ensure that nothing stands in the way of that story by helping you strengthen your characters and plot and ensuring appropriate pacing. I can help you avoid author pitfalls like head-hopping and info-dumping and reduce your errors so your readers stay connected to the story.

Let’s build a partnership to make your book the best it can be in the time allotted.

Genres I edit

I offer both copyediting and substantive (developmental) editing.

  • Young adult fantasy, supernatural, and dystopian
  • Adult and young adult action, crime, mystery, thriller, and romance (clean content)

  • Children's picture books or chapter books
  • Middle-grade novels

  • These are my favorite genres to read, and as such, I have informally studied these genres for years. Now as an editor, I have read up and studied best practices for each of these genres.

    As a mom to a toddler and baby and former 8th grade and 10th grade English teacher, I understand what teens and toddlers enjoy reading.

Resources for you

Visit my writer's resources center for articles and ebooklets focused on helping you.

My resource center offers resources in a variety of categories:

  • Working with an editor
  • Self-editing
  • Style sheets
  • Self-publishing tips
  • Fiction writing tips
  • Nonfiction writing tips
  • Grammar and punctuation help


5 Stars

Ms. Chambers did an amazing job helping with my manuscript. Her feedback enabled me to make important changes I never would have noticed on my own. I feel now that my characters are more relatable and my plot hole has been filled in. I would use her services again and recommend them to anyone.

Lisa McLean Adult thriller novel

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Rates and Services

My rates include three passes.

Rates depend on the depth of editing needed. After I complete a free sample (1,300 words or less), I will determine your rate.


  • Rate: $0.013–$0.022 per word

  • Deals with word- and sentence-level issues. My copyediting service includes stylistic editing, what some call line editing.
  • Correcting mechanical issues: spelling, capitalization, and punctuation
  • Correcting all errors and infelicities in grammar, syntax, and usage
  • Rewriting any wordy or awkward sentences according to best writing practices
  • Conducting light fact-checking, names, places, dates (Complete fact-checking is the responsibility of the author.)
  • Creating a style sheet to ensure consistency in punctuation and style preferences as well as character facts
  • Pointing out and offering suggestions to fix info dumping and head-hopping
  • Ensuring dialogue is true to the character and has a good balance of action beats when needed
  • Pointing out and offering suggestions to fix too much telling and not enough showing


  • Rate: $0.018–$0.035 per word
  • Deals with big-picture issues. Some refer to this as developmental editing.
  • Ensuring it meets genre conventions and works for the intended audience
  • Offering suggestions to fix plot holes and pacing issues
  • Strengthening characters: making sure they are fully developed, have clear motivations and goals, and stay consistent
  • Ensuring story has a strong, compelling core conflict
  • Pointing out and offering suggestions to fix info dumping, head-hopping, and point of view inconsistences (also included in copyediting)
  • Ensuring a good balance of showing and telling (also included in copyediting)
  • Offering suggestions on how to close the narrative distance and go into a deeper POV when needed
  • Ensuring scenes are well-organized and match a clear timeline
  • Writing a multi-page editorial letter detailing strengths and weaknesses and how to fix big-picture issues


  • Rate: $0.02–$0.045 per word

  • This combines copyediting and substantive editing in one round at a discounted rate. I offer this to help meet authors' budget and deadline needs.

  • Note 1: While I strive for high quality, combining them is a lot to focus on at once. I do multiple passes and have learned how to appropriately prioritize to ensure a good quality. But you will get an even better quality if you pay for each service as a separate round.

  • Note 2: This does not include formatting, proofreading, or designing the cover. I will suggest colleagues to contact for those services.

Combined editing process

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Meet the editor

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Total to date: 15 fiction books, 3 adult fiction (1 mystery, 1 thriller, 1 dystopian)

  • Fletcher Boone, Motor City Episode 1 (Not published yet)
  • Death’s Nightmare (Not published yet) Beta Reading
  • The Colony: Tephra Rising (Not published yet)

I just recently completed several fiction editing courses, so I am pleased to now offer editing for fiction novels.  

Total to date: 15 fiction books, 2 YA (1 fantasy, 1 post-apocalyptic)

I finished several fiction editing courses (I am continuing to take more), so I am pleased to now offer editing for YA novels.  I have edited children’s picture books, middle grade chapter books, and two adult fiction novels, and in my editing training, I edited two novels.

YA Fantasy and Dystopian novels are my favorite to read, so I am hoping to start working with this genre.

Total to date: 15 fiction, 4 Middle-grade novels

Total to date: 15 fiction, 6 Picture Books

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    *Disclaimer: I don't accept any projects with graphic sexual content or excessive language—some language is fine.

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