Editing for Nonfiction Authors

General Information

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I applaud all your hard work spent writing a book. You’ve taken the time to write and revise, going through your manuscript several times.

And now you’re ready for an editor to help you raise the quality of your book, but you may be nervous to have someone else critique your work. Nerves are normal.  And while I will be honest, I strive to encourage you along the way, acting as a beacon guiding your editing journey.

And since words have the ability to transform lives, you too are a beacon, sharing your message with the world.

Let Beacon Point ensure that nothing stands in the way of that message by reducing errors and strengthening your content.

As an additional service to you, I will provide resources and guidance to help you with the steps that come after editing.

Let’s build a partnership to make your book the best it can be in the time allotted.

Genres I Edit

I offer both copyediting and substantive (developmental) editing.

  • Self-Help/How-To Books**
  • General Informational Books (excluding highly scientific texts)
  • Religious Guide Books
  • Memoirs and Biographies

**I specialize in self-help and how-to books. Having studied best practices for that genre, I know the common pitfalls and how to avoid them, and I can offer specific feedback on how to best appeal to your audience.

Resources For You

Visit my writer’s resources center for articles and ebooklets focused on helping you.

My resource center offers resources in a variety of categories:

  • Working with an editor
  • Self-editing
  • Style sheets
  • Self-publishing tips
  • Fiction writing tips
  • Nonfiction writing tips
  • Grammar and punctuation help

Agency—Editor Team

As of June 2024, Beacon Point is now an agency. What that means is I have hired a team of editors to help me take on more work.

Some projects I will edit myself, some I will do most of the editing while a subcontracted editor does one pass, and some will be edited solely by a subcontracted editor.

All my editors have been thoroughly vetted to ensure they match my style. No two editors will edit anything the same way, but these editors are all close to my style, and I do check their work.

Featured Testimonial

5 stars! A great book is two hands clapping. One is the writer; the other the editor. I have worked with a lot of top editors over the years and while they all have talent the majority live in a world of their own timing – they are not reliable. So while there may well be two hands clapping they don’t clap at the same time which leads the writer into realms of frustration. Waiting, wondering and worrying.
Not so with Katie Chambers. She is an excellent substantive editor and is prompt and reliable. A pleasure and a relief to work with.
That being said the bottom line with any review is would you work with this person again? And the answer is a definite yes. And I will recommend her to my fellow authors and speakers. Thanks Katie.

Featured Review from Nicholas Boothman, a New York Times Bestselling Author

Rates and Services

My single service and combined package rates include two and a half passes. If you opt for each service separately, then it will be three and a half passes.

Rates depend on the depth of editing needed. After I complete a free sample (1,000 words or less), I will determine your rate.

Substantive Editing

Rate: $0.025–$0.043 per word

Deals with big-picture issues. Some refer to this as developmental editing.

  • Improve the organizational structure

    • rearranging sentences, paragraphs, and/or chapter order
    • adding additional headings and subheads to aid the reader
    • adding transitions between sentences and paragraphs
  • Improve the content

    • deleting repetitive material
    • adding or querying content to ensure fully explained ideas
    • ensuring content meets your readers’ needs
  • Ensure it meets genre conventions and has a unique selling point


Rate: $0.018–$0.028 per word

Deals with word- and sentence-level issues. My copyediting service includes stylistic editing, what some call line editing.

  • Correct mechanical issues: spelling, capitalization, and punctuation

  • Correct all errors and infelicities in grammar, syntax, and usage

  • Elevate word choice and sentence structure, according to best writing practices

    • rewriting awkward-sounding sentences, querying sentences with an unclear meaning, varying sentence structure, suggesting more powerful word choice, etc.
  • Check that endnotes and footnotes are correct and consistent

  • Conduct light fact-checking, names, places, dates (Complete fact-checking is the responsibility of the author.)

  • Create style sheet to ensure consistency

Substantive and Copyediting Combined

Rate: $0.032–$0.055 per word

This combines copyediting and substantive editing at a discounted rate. I offer this to help meet authors’ budget and deadline needs.

Note 1: While I strive for high quality, combining them is a lot to focus on at once. I do multiple passes and have learned how to appropriately prioritize to ensure a good quality. But you will get an even better quality if you pay for each service separately.

Note 2: This does not include formatting, proofreading, or designing the cover. I will suggest colleagues to contact for those services.


Rate: $0.016 per word

Proofreading is only available for manuscripts that have been professionally edited first, as this doesn’t replace editing. Also, it is not a good idea to have your editor also proofread your manuscript, so one of my vetted proofreaders will do the proofreading if you opt for this service.

Meet my proofreading team.

  • Correct errors with grammar, spelling, punctuation, and usage

  • Correct any formatting errors

  • Comment on, but not correct, any phrasing that stands out in a bad way

Note on Order:

Traditionally, proofreading comes after interior book design/formatting, so proofreader can also check for design errors.

However, this is more expensive, as you then have to pay the formatter or proofreader to implement the changes into the formatted manuscript.

Beacon Point offers proofreading either before formatting or after formatting.

Katie Chambers sitting on a sofa, holding a file and a pen, looking at the camera

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My experience was amazing although it was my first experience with my first book editing and with my busy schedule. But Katie did an amazing work. Headache free, smooth collaboration and meeting the deadline with exceptional quality.

Crystal, Self-Help Book

Katie, there is nothing I could tell you to improve on. You were SO easy to work with I can’t imagine working with anyone else on my future projects. Your comments and editing were absolutely on point. You were even able add content when needed with my style of writing. All in all, 5 stars!

Cody Smith, How-To Book

If one could give higher than a 5-star rating, then I would for Katie Chambers. Katie was excellent to work with throughout the entire editing process. All of her edits, revisions, and suggestions made so much sense, especially with me being a first-time writer. She was always timely and delivered well ahead of the deadlines. I would highly recommend her for any editing and writing project.

Zach Riblle, Religious Guide Book

Katie Chambers did an excellent job editing my book, the Parris Island Planner.I would recommend her to anyone who wants a polished book ready for publication. She quoted a price with delivery date and stuck to our schedule. My book is so much better because of her talents.

Vera, nonfiction book

I am very satisfied with Katie’s work editing my book. She was very helpful with rewording sentence structure, grammar, and typos. She offered suggestions in moving paragraphs around so the reader would have a clearer time with the book. By the end of working with her I felt I had a friend that was really for me and my endeavors than just someone I hired to edit my book. I would certainly use her again for my next book.

Katherine, self-help book

I could not be happier with the ease, professionalism, communication, and quality of feedback. We will without a doubt reach out to Katie again for future projects!

Jake Gunnoe, Self-Help Book

Katie is a fantastic editor! She was easy to communicate with and always met the deadlines set in the contract. As a first time author, I was so nervous to hand my work over for someone else to critique, but Katie was kind in her critiques, but also honest. Her edits definitely unleveled my book and her comments and notes helped me to become a better writer. I highly recommend her and will be using her for my editing needs in the future.

Chaundell Monn, Self-Help Book

It was a joy to work with Katie on my first full book experience. I feel she really cared and connected with the goal of making my story cohesive and compelling as well as grammatically correct. Her suggestions were good and needed edits. She had a natural ability to create better flow over the whole book in the spots where I had mixed up ideas or gotten out of order. I highly recommend her for substantive and copy editing. She met every deadline and turnaround on my project of 50K words was quick. Communication via email was quick and painless. I would use her services again.

Katy Patrick, Religious Guide Book

This was our first time writing a book and we really had no idea what to expect. Katie was very patient helping us through this process. She has great skill, objective edits, and we highly recommend her. Our book is infinitely better after retaining her services and we will definitely be in touch for any future projects.
Thank you for everything Katie.

Colin Leis & Erika Holenski, how-to book

Katie has been a remarkable resource during my initial foray into writing. She has been patient, insightful, and skilled at developing the correct words and messages for my book chapters. She has always been responsive, and she provided me with a deep appreciation for the editing process. She has inspired me to continue writing, and I will not hesitate to engage her in my future editing needs. I can recommend her highly and without reservation.

Peter Diamond MD, general nonfiction book


Total to date: 202 nonfiction books, 70 self-help, 42 how-to books, 30 business books, 4 general informational books, 27 religious guide books, 27 memoirs, and 2 creative nonfiction.

Not Yet Published

Self-help books

  • Hit the Reset Button

  • Happiness Hijackers: How to Navigate the 8 Most Common Happiness Hijackers in Midlife and Beyond

  • When Strangers Come Together

  • Authentically You

  • No Money, No Worries

  • Awake in Wellness

  • Spiritual Caffeine for the Soul

  • Beyond Trauma Drama

  • Walking with Grizzlies

  • It’s Okay Not to Be Fabulous Every Day!

How-to books

  • Public Speaking Secrets

  • Navigating Separation

  • Nurturing a Reading Ready Brain

  • Finding the Write Fit

  • Poetry Critique for Prose Writers

  • Giving and Receiving


  • No Business Like Show Business

Religious guide books

  • Seeing the Good in It

  • My Mess! His Grace!

General informational books

  • On the Side of Angels

Business books

  • The Art of Selling: We Make Order Makers, Not Order Takers