Editing for Business Professionals

General Information

You run a business and have drafted some great content, which is no small feat. Now let me guide you through your editing journey so you can clear up your brain to focus on wearing all your many hats with style.

As I have trained in writing for the web and have studied marketing practices, I will ensure your content uses client-first language, captures your audience’s attention, and contains strong, clear sentences.

Or perhaps you need help marketing yourself to land a job. As an online instructor on the art of resume writing, I can transform your resume or professional biography to help sell you.

So let’s get started forming a partnership to help write your future.

Materials I edit

  • Website Content
  • Business Marketing and Communication Documents: your flyers, letters to clients, pamphlets, brochures, etc.

  • Self-marketing Documents**: resumes, cover letters, biographies, and personal statements

**I also write these, so check out my content writing page.

Editing services I offer

  • Copyediting: fixing errors with grammar, usage, spelling, and punctuation; suggesting changes to sentence structure and word choice, ensuring your language is clear, fluid, and pleasurable to read; and ensuring consistency.

  • Substantive editing: suggesting and making changes to content and organization—ensuring clear, coherent delivery.

Resources for You

Working with an Editor

Self-marketing resources
Business Writing Tips


5 Stars

Katie brings vision to your writing, and that’s the difference between an order taker and a professional of her caliber. She is by far the best editor I’ve had the pleasure of working with. She is blunt, yet caring, and fully transparent. Furthermore, she is also master of keeping things simple but impactful for your audience. If you want someone who will bring about clarity to your writing, talk to Katie today.

Felix Lara Business Marketing Document

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Rates and the Process

My rates include three passes. 


  • Copyediting: $0.015–$0.025 per word

  • Substantive Editing: $0.02–$0.04 per word

  • Copy & substantive package: $0.025–$0.05 per word

Rates depend on the depth of editing needed. After I complete a free 1,300 word or less sample edit, I will determine your rate.

For small projects, I charge $50.00 for the first 1,500 words, and then my per-word rate for all words after that.


  • One page document basic edit: $30.00
  • Over one page basic edit: $50.00

  • Some rewriting is needed:$80.00

  • Extensive rewriting needed: Check out my content writing pagefor prices.


  • I will use Word's Track Changes or google doc's suggestion feature.
  • During the first round, I will complete two editing passes, so I can double check my work before sending it to you.

  • You will accept/reject my changes and respond to any comments, and then send it back.

  • During round two, I will complete the final pass: editing newly added material, doing a final consistency check, and clearing the document of markups.

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Total to date: 6 websites

Edited specific content for their website:

I edited a few blogs for this company before taking over the writing entirely:

Total to date: 21 resumes, 4 cover letters, 5 biographies, and 4 personal statements

Samples of my editing:

*Note: Most self-marketing content I write entirely or rewrite extensively, so check out my content writing page.

Samples of self-marketing documents I wrote:

Total to date: 7 Business Documents 

  • Logan Eye Institute: flyer, welcome letter, new program flyer
  • Going Places: LinkedIn funnel
  • TwinBro Scholarship Company: 3 marketing and informational emails

Professional Memberships and Associations