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This story begins as so many do: girl meets boy. I know … I know … you must be asking, “What does love got to do with it?” Tina Turner must not have understood: love has everything to do with everything. So get comfortable, as you’re about to read a great love story.

Scene 1: Nestled on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, twelve-year-old Katie lets her eyes wander over the words spattering the pages of her most recent prize: The Hobbit. Her family bustles with noise, but all she can hear are the words of Bilbo Baggins.  She thinks, What a silly creature! How could he turn away adventure?  for adventure is one thing Katie seeks as she devours book after book.

Scene 2: Brrring Brrring … Smack! And just like that, Katie rolls back over to sleep. A few minutes later, the brrring brrring comes back to life, stronger and more demanding this time. Dashing to get ready, she shoves spoonful of yogurt into her mouth. Finally, she sees the school, and like a kid at Disneyland, she rushes to her classroom to write the objective and announcements on the board. In the middle of her meticulous writing, a few teenagers bound into the room with exclamations of “Good Morning, Ms. Madsen.” Another brrring brings the rest of her students shuffling into her room. It is go time! With eyes twinkling, Katie teaches, laughs, jokes, and shares a small moment in these students’ lives. 160 students later, a final brrring causes her to jump. Oh goodness, time went by quickly. 

Scene 3: After a quick nod to her roommate, Katie barricades herself in her room and grades essay after essay. Pausing, she tries to determine the best way to word the all-too-important feedback, hoping the student will read it, understand it, and apply it. Either way, she enjoys the challenge. As she provides feedback, she muses over how she would just fix it if she could.

Scene 4: Sitting at the singles’ table, Katie’s eyes glisten with tears as her best friend and new husband share their first dance. Laughter and chatter permeate the air. Then, the DJ hushes the crowd and begins the party. But no one is dancing. Not one to shy away, Katie struts over to the dance floor and gets lost in the music. After a few hours, a guy asks her to dance. He takes her hand and time stands still (it’s a cliche, I know, but so real). A few years later, the happy couple welcomes a baby to their home.

And that is how Beacon Point LLC came to fruition: a love for the written word, a love of adventure, a love for teaching (but not waking up early), a love for improving others’ writing, a love for tackling challenges and stimulating the mind, and a love for a man and a child.

Loving that man and child started everything. Realizing she couldn’t be the kind of wife and mother that man and child deserved and remain a dedicated English teacher, she started advertising herself as a tutor. From there, she added more services, encompassing all her loves, and along the way she found herself swept up in a fun, but daunting adventure: creating, owning, and running a business.

Mission Statement

Beacon Point’s purpose is to provide a variety of writing services for every type of learner and writer. By offering different ways you can increase your own writing skills or just editing or writing the content for you, Beacon Point will help you write your future—whether you are an author, a job seeker, an employer, an employee, an entrepreneur, or a student.

Beacon Point also helps editors by inspiring them to improve and to more effectively run their business.

Vision Statement

To contribute to creating a world full of better writers, people with a desire to learn, and well-written published content.

To aid editors in their quest for running a successful business and help them do all they need to do while staying sane.


Beacon Point’s core values guide any project:

Collaboration: working with clients in a collaborative partnership to ensure all clients’ needs are met.

Quality: ensuring all clients get the quality they deserve through applying all feedback and seeking out opportunities for personal development.

Education: promoting a love of learning and instilling clients with the confidence to succeed is at the heart of Beacon Point.

Sense of Humor: understanding that learning can be daunting and seeing red marks and edits all over your writing can be crushing, Beacon Point infuses humor and fun into the process.

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