Essay help

General Pricing

  • $35.00 an hour if I come to your location
  • $30.00 an hour if student comes to my home or online

I accept cash or check, but I prefer to receive payment online via my business PayPal account. You do not need your own PayPal account to pay me online.

Tutoring agencies and online tutoring sites advice parents to expect to pay up to $75 per hour for a certified teacher with experience. I determined my rate in order to remain affordable while still receiving adequate compensation of my time. 

*Note: My prices are subject to change; however, once you sign a contract, you are locked into the rate listed in your contract, and you will be unaffected by any increase in my listed pay rate.

Explanation of Services

I work with college, high school, or junior high students needing help with a specific essay. I do not do the writing for you, but I will teach you how to do it. We can work together from start to finish or you can hire me to help you with (a) specific stage(s) in the writing process. 

  • Making sense of the prompt
  • Brainstorming ideas
  • Conducting research and/or gathering needed evidence or supporting details
  • Creating a pre-write
  • Writing the first draft
  • Revising and editing the paper
  • Understanding the rubric

Alternatively, you can submit your essay to me via email, and I will give you feedback. 

Tutoring Sessions

Location of Sessions:  I can help you write your essay in-person or online. For college students wanting to meet in-person, I prefer to hold sessions at a public place or in my home when my husband is here. For high school and junior high students wanting in-person tutoring, you could come to my place or I can come to you. If you are outside my area and feel hesitant to try online help, check out my online tutoring page for more information about how this works. 


  1. Schedule an initial planning meeting. (If the student is a child, a parent needs to attend this initial meeting.)
  2. If we determine to move forward, I will email you my contract and payment policy. Client needs to sign and send these documents back to me. The policies page on this website goes over the contract content.

Planning Meeting: During this meeting, we will determine where you are in the writing process and what you already understand. With that information, we will determine how many sessions we will need to complete this task. After that, we will begin working on the stage you are on.

Sessions: My availability, your needs, and the due date of the assignment will determine the length and date of each session. If I am helping you write the essay from start to finish, you will have to contact me well before the assignment is due.

My Approach