English and Language Arts

General Pricing

  • $35.00 an hour if I come to your location
  • $30.00 an hour if student comes to my home

I accept cash or check, but I prefer to receive payment online via my business PayPal account. You do not need your own PayPal account to pay me online.

Tutoring agencies and online tutoring sites advice parents to expect to pay up to $75 per hour for a certified teacher with experience. When determining my rate, I focused on remaining affordable while still receiving adequate compensation. 

*Note: My prices may change. However, once you sign a contract, you are locked into that rate. Thus, you will be unaffected by any increase in my listed pay rate.

Pricing Breakdown

My hourly session rate includes the following

  • Time spent in session working with the student
  • Time spent outside tutoring session
    • writing student’s plan
    • finding resources to help tutor student
    • driving to and from location (if tutoring at client’s place)
    • writing feedback and assessing student’s work
    • checking student’s grade and adjusting plan as needed
  • Various costs I spend on the business
    • ink for printing out materials
    • tutoring resources and materials
    • PayPal and website fees

Tutoring Sessions

I guide students in 6th grade–college level, helping them navigate their way to a brighter future. 


  1. Schedule an initial meet and greet meeting. (If the student is a child, the parent must be present.)
  2. If we determine to move forward, I will email my contract, payment policy, and student information sheet. The client must send me all three documents before I begin tutoring. The policies page on this website goes over the terms of my contract.
  3. I will hold tutoring sessions 1–3 times a week, depending on the needs of the client until my services are no longer required.

Meet and Greet: The meet and greet, a free informal meeting, allows me to sit down with the parent and student, or just the college-aged student, and discuss goals, policies, and my approach. I also will walk the student through a quick writing task. At the end of this meeting, we will decide together whether I am the right tutor for you.

First Sessions: I use the first two sessions to assess the student’s current strengths and weaknesses.

Sessions: After the assessments, I develop the first unit plan and provide a tutor folder for the student. At the end of a unit plan, the student will take a post-assessment to evaluate readiness to move on to the next unit

As I work through the plan with the student, we can put aside the plan to work on homework for his/her English class, or use it in conjunction with current school work. Ultimately, I do not merely want the student to just get a better grade because he/she had help with assignments, but I want him/her to develop necessary skills to achieve success on his/her own. Any time the student needs help with homework, I will gladly assist. But I am not just a homework helper.

My Approach