Reasons to hire a tutor

Any student who meets one or more of the following descriptions could benefit from tutoring:

Scores lower than his/her peers on assignments repeatedly

Feels lost when his/her teacher explains concepts

Feels unmotivated to achieve greater success in school

Finds the class too easy and feels he/she is learning nothing

Has a desire to strengthen his/her writing ability

Feels he/she could improve in writing, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills

Struggles with organization and time management

With so many different levels in one classroom, the teacher often gears lessons towards the majority. With a tutor, you get one-on-one catered help to fit your needs—whether that means guiding you through your current class work or guiding you to understand higher-level concepts.

My Credentials

I graduated college with honors and scored in the top 3% on the English Praxis exam. After graduation, I spent eight years teaching various levels of 8th and 10th grade English: regular, honors, and gifted and talented. While working at a local junior high, the principal called me the best English teacher she has ever seen; parents called in to praise my methods; and students reported an increase in writing, critical thinking, and analytical skills. Furthermore, I taught professional development courses to other teachers on various topics: critical reading strategies, the art of teaching writing, and student engagement.


English/Language Arts

I offer one-on-one tutoring to help you navigate a path for success in your English class (6th grade–adult).

Since in-person tutoring is limited to areas near Logan, Utah, I offer online tutoring as well.


I offer one-on-one tutoring in some math subjects: 6th/7th grade math, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra 1.

Since in-person tutoring is limited to areas near Logan, Utah, I offer online tutoring as well.

Essay Help

This is for students who don’t need long-term tutoring, but just want help on a specific writing assignment. We can work on deciphering and understanding the prompt, brainstorming ideas, crafting the essay, and/or editing and polishing the essay either in person or online.

Online Tutoring

I now offer online tutoring for students anywhere in the US. (English/Language Arts grades 6th–adult and 6th/7th grade math, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra 1.)

Homeschool English

I offer in-person homeschooling in English grades 8th–12th only. (This is for parents looking to outsource and co-teach English to their homeschooled child.)

Success Stories

In my transition from public educator to private tutor, I have already experienced some great success.

A 9th grade English student went from an F to a B- in 2 months time as we worked on organization and time management skills.
A 6th grade student who struggled with writing was named the class VIP and recognized for her writing growth and went from a D to a B. In 7th grade, she ended up with an A in Language Arts.
An honors student who struggled with writing passed his AP exam with a 4 after receiving a 2 on the practice AP test, and he went from a B- in English to an A.
A college student passed his entrance exam with a 90% after scoring low on the English portion of the practice entrance exam.
A Pre-Algebra student went from an F to a C and began participating more in class, understanding the material, and taking better notes.
A 7th grade math student went from a low C to a high B, feeling more confident with math tests.


5 Stars

Katie helped me with a rhetorical analysis and eventual argumentative essay for college level English 102. I was having a lot of trouble with it and she was able to teach it to me in a way that I could get a handle on what I needed to do. She was very insightful and had tons of ideas for me. She had even put some time in on her own doing some research on my topic to help guide me with my outline.

Bradley Essay Writing Help

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