Tutoring Policies


These policies are all outlined in a contract that any long-term client must sign. The contract contains more details, but this gives the basics of my business policies.

  • Contacting Me: I prefer to be contacted via email. If you do not receive a response in an acceptable time frame, then you may use the secondary method of contacting me (my cell phone).
  • Cancellation: You must cancel/reschedule within 6 hours of session time through Acuity, or you will be billed for 1/2 the session. 
  • Payment Policy: You get to choose from my available payment plans, but if you ever want to change your plan, you must request and fill out a new payment plan document. Once we have agreed on a price, you are locked into that price regardless of any changes I make in my rates.
  • Cutting Sessions Short: If you cut a session short, you will be billed for the entire session length. 
  • Written Reviews: While it is certainly not required, I do send clients a request to write a review mid-way through my services. If you choose not to write a review at that time, I will send one again at the end of services rendered. You are not required to write a review. 

Payment Plan

Payment for the first session is due before the next session; however, after that, I do not want to get paid each session, so I have three payment plans. 

You choose payment frequency
You also can choose your payment method

Authorization Rights

I offer these services, but you do not have to authorize them.

You can elect to allow me authorization to: