Meet me: Katie Chambers

As a former English teacher who specialized in writing instruction, trained other English teachers, and scored in the top 3% on the English Praxis exam, I can help you learn to write better.

With a passion for words, collecting quotes, and reading books, I love all things writing related. I will admit to having a love-hate relationship with writing as I am constantly critical, but I feel a grand sense of accomplishment spending hours editing my own writing. 

Lest you think I don’t have much of a life, I should add I also enjoy dancing, singing, acting, eating out, and spending quality time with my supportive husband and adorable kids.

Who am I? A small look at a big personality

  • I am a sucker for delicious dialogue infused with intellectual pleasures.
  • While I love my life, I do sometimes dream I’m a Southern belle engaged in a clandestine correspondence with a yank. I can easily imagine the tactile feedback of a quill on the rough cotton-made paper as I pen a vocabulary-rich account of my daily life to my forbidden love.
  • I don’t like confining my thoughts to a small box. Twitter anyone? What’s up with the character limit? I am giving you more opportunities to read, which enhances your mind. You’re Welcome!!
  • The sound of a keyboard, a day filled with productivity, anything lavender colored or scented, grammar forums/discussions—these are a few of my favorite things. No, I do not like raindrops, snowflakes, or dogs biting. Sorry, Maria. (If you don’t understand that allusion, our friendship might struggle unless you allow me to educate you.)
  • I relish the moment when an individual feels comfortable enough around me to let the façade fall away and go beyond the superficial level to reveal a wonderfully flawed individual.
  • While I am not Italian, I talk with my hands—a lot! In junior high, my friends conducted a little experiment: they tied my hands behind my back to see if I could still talk. (In case you’re curious: Yes, I could, but my hands flapped a lot.) This stems from my passionate, vivacious personality. Everyone should live life with passion and flair!
  • I enjoy stories in all forms, especially those that inevitably cause my eyes to water. But when my family or friends are around, I surreptitiously wipe my eyes, lest they think I am actually crying over a mere story. See it’s just that staring at those pages or the screen for long periods of time causes my eyes to water. Seriously. Who cries over a story? It’s just Parenthood, This is Us, Aladdin, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Of Mice and Men, Walk Two Moons, A Monster Calls etc. I would not cry over a book or a TV show; it’s not real life. Yeah none of my friends/family bought that excuse either. :/