Resources for Editors

Welcome, Editors!

I love the editing community, and I believe in helping each other out. So here I share some resources I created that have helped me run my business.

Excel Trackers

If you are anything like me, running an editorial business can be overwhelming. You have a lot of different administrative tasks demanding your attention.

In an effort to streamline those tasks, I built customizable trackers in Excel. These plug-n-play trackers track and analyze your data, freeing your time and brain for editing, marketing, and business learning.

Business Finance Tracker: $12
Project Data Tracker: $15
List of Projects Tracker: $8

Check out the product page for videos and product descriptions.

Checklists: Free Resource

Having a scatterbrained mind, I find checklists invaluable. They remind me of what I need to do and keep me focused and organized.

On the checklist product page, I give tips for using the checklists, giving a peek into my system. I would love to hear what works for you as well. We can all learn from each others' systems and processes.

You can then download each of my checklists and customize them to fit your needs.

Editorial Process
Substantive Editing for Fiction
Substantive Editing for Nonfiction