Editing Process

Typical Nonfiction Editing Process

This is my usual process, but I can adjust it to fit your needs. This has just been the workflow that has worked best for the majority of my clientele. To expedite the process and ensure I can start round two quickly, I will break your manuscript into chunks.

  1. Round One: I complete two editing passes. I edit the first chunk, double check my work and add any additional edits during a second pass, and then send that chunk to you.

    • To the Author: While you areaccepting/rejecting my changes, responding to comments, and adding anything additional on your end, I will start working on the next chunk.

  2. Round Two: Once I get all the chunks back from you, I will put them all together and complete my final half pass.

    • In this final read pass, I edit any newly-added material, make changes agreed upon ahead of time (e.g., rearranging content), check all comments and your responses and add anything as needed, and check consistency (e.g., spelling, formatting, etc.).

    • To keep my rates affordable, this second round is not a full read-through. It is a cleanup round. It is important and ideal for the editor to see the manuscript again after handing it over to the author, which is why I include this second round, but I have found authors often cannot afford two complete rounds. Thus, I essentially only charge you for the first round since this is just a courtesy cleanup. 
  3. If you or I think at that point another full editing pass is needed rather than just a cleanup, I am willing to do so at a discounted per-word rate.  

Typical Fiction Editing Process

This is my usual process for a combined substantive and copyediting package, but I can adjust it to fit your needs. This has just been the workflow that has worked best for the majority of my clientele.

If you pay for just one or the other rather than the combined package, you will receive one round of editing, completed in two passes.

  1. Round One: I complete two full editing passes, focusing mostly on big-picture issues. I will fix some glaring grammatical errors, but just note that after this round errors will remain as I am focusing on big-picture stuff here. Along with the attached edited manuscript, I will send an overview of the strengths and weaknesses. In the overview, I will mention grammar and punctuation errors you make repeatedly so you can fix as many as possible on your end.

    • To the Author: You will work on the manuscript on your end, emailing me with questions if needed.

    • Assessment: Once I get the manuscript back from you, we will assess whether big-picture issues still remain, and if so, I will add an additional pass at a discounted per-word rate. If not, I will proceed with the final pass, which was included in the original rate.

  2. Round Two: I will complete the final full copyediting only pass.
    • This final round is a copyediting only pass. So if your book needs more developmental work, but you chose not to pay for another substantive round, I will not look at big-picture issues as this round is a final copyediting cleanup round.