Content Writing

General Information

For Blogs and Website Content:

I can write your blog post, depending on the topic, or your company’s website content.

You provide the resources—research on the topic, detailed information, videos, samples, etc.—and I’ll write the content. Alternatively, I can conduct the research myself, provided I have a clear understanding of the direction and content matter.

Please contact me for information regarding rates as this is based on the scope and nature of the specific job.

For Self-marketing Documents:

After a 30–60 minute online consultation (using either Zoom,, or Google Hangouts), I will write your resume, cover letter, author biography, business professional biography, or personal statement highlighting your unique marketable skills.

Prices for Bio and Personal Statement

Prices below include initial online meeting, first draft, and one revised version

  • $45.00 Half Page Bio or Personal Statement
  • $80.00 Full Page Bio or Personal Statement
  • $160.00–$200.00 Multi-page Personal Statement, depending on number of pages
Prices for Resume and Cover Letter

Prices below include initial online meeting, first draft, and one revised version

  • $80.00 Resume
  • $60.00 Cover Letter
  • $120.00 Resume and Cover Letter
Additional Services

  • $15.00 additional online meeting
  • $25.00 additional revision

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Total to date: I have written 11 resumes, 2 cover letters, 5 book descriptions, sections of 2 books, 4 biographies, and 2 personal statements

I wrote a series of blogs for a scholarship company

Blog sample #1

Blog sample #2


5 Stars

Katie just finished helping me put together my resume and cover letter and I must say I’m impressed! After just a brief conversation about my skills and examples of me using them, she was able to orchestrate a very impressive sounding profile! I mean after reading it, I wanted to hire myself just because of how awesome I sounded! She did a great job at highlighting my abilities and helped me to see strengths that I was simply taking for granted. Great experience and great results! Would highly recommend 🙂

Gary Resume and Cover Letter

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